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Leuven, 16-19 July 2008

The programme and abstracts accessible from this page open as PDF files in a new browser window or tab. (Should your computer not have the appropriate software, free PDF readers include Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader.)

The programme (final updated version, 14 July) is available for download (either you click the link and, if you so like, subsequently save the file from your reader software, or you right-click the link and opt for 'save link as' or 'save target as' to directly save the file on your computer).

The plenary speakers are listed separately.

Titles of accepted papers are listed below and are linked to the corresponding abstracts. Papers are grouped into the following categories:


Achard Michel (Rice University) Constructional clusters: French cela, ça and c' from 1100-1800

Arcodia Giorgio Francesco (Università di Pavia) Grammaticalization and lexical derivation: word formation schemas in Mandarin Chinese

Ariel Mira (Tel Aviv University) The intransitivization of English reflexive constructions

Askedal John Ole (University of Oslo) 'Construction Grammaticalization' in the history of Mainland Scandinavian

Biq Yung-O (National Taiwan Normal University) From anaphora to topicalization: The grammaticalization of Chinese 3rd person singular pronoun in Mandarin conversation

Bourdin Philippe (Université Paris X and York University - Toronto) What, if anything, counts as a grammaticalization pathway? The case of so-called ventive and itive passives

Boye Kasper & Peter Harder (University of Copenhagen) Encoded secondariness: A functional theory of grammaticalization and grammatical status

Breban Tine (K.U.Leuven & Fund for Scientific Research - Flanders) Deictification of adjectives as an example of constructional change in the English noun phrase

Breitbarth Anne, Christopher Lucas, David Willis (University of Cambridge) Never again: the regrammaticalization of never as a marker of sentential negation in English

Brems Lieselotte (K.U.Leuven) Meshing grammaticalization with construction grammar: the synchronic layering of English size noun patterns as collocationally constrained constructions

Brucale Luisa (University of Palermo) Grammaticalization of actional values: re-prefixation in archaic Latin

Chen Chenju (National Tsing Hua University) A Case Study on the Grammaticalization of Adverbs of Quantification in Mandarin Chinese

Chen I-Hsuan (National Tsing Hua University) Grammaticalization of Causative Verbs in Earlier Southern Min Texts: A Comparison between Southern Min and Mandarin

Conradie C Jac (University of Johannesburg) A temporal to epistemic/modal/pragmatic grammaticalization cline

Coussé Evie (Ghent University) Roadblocks along grammaticalization pathways

Creissels Denis (University of Lyon) Grammaticalizing intersubjectivity: The emergence of assertive agreement in Akhvakh

Da Milano Federica, Paolo Ramat (Università di Milano-Bicocca, Università di Pavia) Absolute constructions in the Romance languages: a grammaticalization path

De Mulder Walter & Lamiroy Beatrice (U Antwerpen - K.U.Leuven) Stages of grammaticalization: the position of French among the other Romance languages

De Vogelaer Gunther (FWO Flanders / Ghent University) Dialect levelling, degrammaticalisation, and entrenchment

Defour Tine, Ulrique Dhondt, Anne-Marie Simon-Vandenbergen, Dominique Willems (Ghent University) In fact, de fait, en fait, au fait: A contrastive study of the diachronic development of English and French cognates

Dehé Nicole and Anne Wichmann (FU Berlin and University of Central Lancashire) The prosody of initial comment clauses - evidence for main clause or discourse status

DeLancey Scott (University of Oregon) Finite Structures from Clausal Nominalization in Tibeto-Burman

Devos Maud (Royal Museum for Central Africa) Grammaticalization and prohibitive constructions in Bantu

Diewald Gabriele and Elena Smirnova (University of Hanover) Construction types in grammaticalization: an attempt to establish a 'constructionist' grammaticalization scenario

Edison Chang Chun (National Tsing Hua University) Grammaticalization of OAN5 'finish' in Southern Min: A Diachronic Perspective

Ekberg Lena (Lund University) The emergence of a new determiner in Swedish

Elvira Javier (Universidad Autónoma, Madrid) Difficult labelling: extracategorial lexicalization in Spanish

Fruyt Michèle (University of Paris 4-Sorbonne) The relationships between grammaticalization, lexicalization and analogy in the evolution of Latin

Gafter Roey (Tel Aviv University) Motivating the (non-random) distribution of plural feminine pronouns in Hebrew: The role of Humanness

Gehweiler Elke (Freie Universität Berlin) 'Mere speculation'?: criteria for the 'grammaticalizedness' of attributive adjectives

Gergel, Remus (University of Tuebingen) 'Rather': A Semantic Diachronic Account

Ghesquière Lobke (University of Leuven) The clines of grammaticality and (inter)subjectivity in the prenominal string of the English NP

Giannoulopoulou Giannoula (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) The emergence of the Greek definite article

Gisborne Nikolas (University of Edinburgh) Construction grammars and grammaticalization

González-Díaz Victorina (University of Liverpool) "It's not a great exciting picture, you know": grammaticalisation, subjectivisation and DIMENSION adjectives in English

Grinevald Colette and Caroline Imbert (Laboratory "Dynamique du Language" (DDL) - CNRS / University of Lyon 2) Twenty years of relational preverbs: a grammaticalization account

Halevy Rivka (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) The grammaticalization 'chains' of the subject coreferential dative in Semitic and elsewhere

Hanke Thomas (FU Berlin, Berlin Utrecht Reciprocals Survey) Bipartite reciprocal markers: competing constructions as a support group

Hansen Bjoern & Ferdinand de Haan (University of Regensburg & Tucson /Arizona) What's a modal? - Some preliminary observations on Modals in the Languages of Europe

Heller Brooke and Chad Howe (University of Georgia) Raising parentheticals as discourse particles

Higashiizumi Yuko (Tokyo Gakugei University) Contrastive studies in grammaticalization and subjectification: the case of causal clauses in English and Japanese

Hock Hans Henrich (University of Illinois, Urbana Champain) There is more to morphological change...

Hsiao Pei-Yi (National Tsing Hua University) Grammaticalization of the Wh-word Sheme 'What' as an Expression of Negative Mood in Chinese

Iacobini Claudio (University of Salerno) Paths of grammaticalization of post-verbal particles expressing direction in Romance motion verbs

Ishiyama Osamu (Ball State University & University at Buffalo - SUNY) Grammaticalization and Semantic Change of Personal Pronouns in a 'Pronoun-less' Language

Jacinto Joana Custódia Gomes (Faculdade de Filosofia Centro Regional de Braga - Universidade Católica Portuguesa) From Possession to the Portuguese Compound Perfect - an unparalleled case of Grammaticalization with semantic import

Kim Joungmin and Kaoru Horie (Tohoku University) The Emerging Sentence-Final 'Attributive' Quotative Construction in Korean Web-based Communication: A Contrastive Study with Japanese

Kim Minju (Claremont McKenna College) Grammaticalization, analogy, and analogically-oriented grammaticalization: A corpus-based study of the development of the Korean existential verb construction isi-e

Knoob Stefan (University of London) On the grammaticalisation of schematic constructions and construction families: Korean CAUSATIVE and DESIDERATIVE constructions

Koo Hyun Jung and Seongha Rhee (Sang Myung University and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) Manipulated Hypotheticality in Conditionals: A Journey in Search of Strength and Diversity

Kranich Svenja (Universität Hamburg) Grammaticalization, subjectification and the layering of meanings: How to deal with the semantics of the present-day English progressive

Krug Manfred (University of Bamberg) On the ideal pronunciation of idea in context: Internal and social parameters at the grammar-phonology interface

Kwon, Kyongjoon (Harvard University) Global and local grammaticalization: The emergence of the nominative object construction

Lange Claudia (Technische Universitaet Dresden) "It was basically a 'flop'" - Sentence adverbs invoking scalarity and theories of grammaticalization

Lecki Andrzej (University of Silesia) How "perfect" was the Old English HABBAN + past participle periphrasis?

Lenz Alexandra N. (Deutscher Sprachatlas) On the grammaticalization of GIVE and GET verbs in West Germanic languages

Lopes Laura da Cunha de Assis (Universidade de São Paulo) Grammaticalization of the structure ir + estar + verb in the present participle in cultured Brazilian Portuguese

López Izquierdo, Marta and Viola Miglio (Université Paris 8; University of California, Santa Barbara) A multifactorial approach to Grammaticalization and Lexicalization: the case of Spanish 'dizque'

Loureiro-Porto Lucía (Universitat de les Illes Balears) On the grammaticalization of periphrastic modals of necessity in English

Manolescu Alis (The University of Texas at Austin) The grammaticalization of the future expressions in Romanian: a diachronic and synchronic analysis

Mauri, Caterina and Andrea Sansò (Università di Pavia / Università dell'Insubria, Como) The grammaticalization of directive modality

Melis, Chantal and Marcela Flores (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México) How do 'constructions' emerge? A case study of Spanish

Meyer Paul Georg and Elma Kerz (RWTH Aachen University) 'NP be found/shown/seen/observed to Vinf': Grammaticalization of evidentiality in the register of academic writing?

Molina Clara & Romano Manuela (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) Grammaticalizing JUST: Cross-linguistic insights into polycentric categories

Mortelmans Jesse (University of Antwerp) Parallel determiner grammaticalization in Late Latin and Middle French

Mortier Liesbeth (Université catholique de Louvain) Subjectifying aspect: continuative periphrases in French and Dutch

Noël Dirk (The University of Hong Kong) Revisiting be supposed to from a diachronic construction grammar perspective

Papahagi Cristiana (University of Cluj, Romania & Dynamique du Langage (CNRS-Lyon 2) Grammaticalization under Areal Influence. The Case of Verbal Modifiers in Romanian

Pardeshi Prashant (Kobe University) Synchronic exploration in search of diachronic paths: An areal-typological study of the grammaticalization of 'PUT/KEEP' in Northeast, Central, and South Asian languages

Petré Peter (University of Leuven, FWO-Vlaanderen) On bottle-necks in grammaticalization: the case of become

Pietrandrea Paola (Università Roma TRE) Constructionalization, grammaticalization and discourse. The case of magari

Rhee Seongha (Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) The Ground in the Mind: Subjectification and Intersubjectification in Grammaticalization of Korean THE 'ground'

Rodrigues Angélica (Universidade Federal de São Carlos - Brazil) Grammaticalization of ir (go) and pegar (take) through foi fez constructions in Brazilian Portuguese

Rodríguez-Puente Paula (University of Santiago de Compostela) The effects of lexicalization, grammaticalization and idiomatization on phrasal verbs in English: The case of phrasal combinations with get

Ronan Patricia (University of Uppsala) On Grammaticalisation of Periphrastic Tense and Aspect Constructions in Irish and Welsh

Rosenkvist Henrik (Lund University) On the Emergence of Anticonditional Meaning

Russi Cinzia (The University of Texas at Austin) Grammaticalization and lexicalization at work together: some evidence from Italian

Sahkai Heete (Tallinn University) Implications of a formal idiom for the theory of grammaticalization - Estonian Adessive Manner and Cause Adverbials

Sanaphre Monica (Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro, Mexico / Rice Univesity) The Origin and Evolution of Causative Constructions in Spanish

Sansò, Andrea and Anna Giacalone Ramat (Insubria University, Como / University of Pavia) Is there life after grammaticalization? The modal character of reflexive passives and impersonals

Schiering René (Universität Leipzig/Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) Reconsidering erosion in grammaticalization: Evidence from cliticization

Schoesler, Lene (University of Copenhagen) The importance of absence: alternation between expressed and unexpressed second argument (A2)

Schwenter Scott (The Ohio State University) Dialogicity and the Emergence of Sentential Negation

Shindo Mika (Kyoto University) From visual adjective to modalized intensifier: A cross-linguistic study of grammaticalization

Smirnova Elena (University of Hanover) Some remarks on the role of subjectification in grammaticalization

Soares da Silva Augusto (Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Braga) Size and (inter)subjectification: the case of Portuguese diminutive and augmentative

Sommerer Lotte (University of Vienna) Getting going on a path: Old English noun phrase typology and the emergence of the definite article 'the'

Stolz, Thomas (University of Bremen) Grammatica ex nihilo? Total reduplication and grammaticalisation

Stulic-Etchevers Ana (University of Bordeaux, AMERIBER - GRIAL) Place of analogy in grammaticalisation process: the case of Judeo-Spanish interrogative pronoun loké (lo qué)

Sung Li-May and Lihsin Sung (National Taiwan University) The Use of yau in Kavalan

Szczepaniak Renata (University of Mainz) The animacy scale as metonymic chain in grammaticalization - From sex-denoting *in* to a gender suffix in German

Tamm Anne (University of Florence and Institute of the Estonian Language) Variation, change, and the Estonian partitive evidential

Tarpent Marie-Lucie (Mount Saint Vincent University) From erosion to renovation: the emergence of the Coast Tsimshian preposition da

Usoniene Aurelia & Jasionyte Erika (Vilnius University) On the Grammaticalization of the Lithuanian verb GAUTI ('get')

Van Bogaert Julie (Ghent University) The interrogative mental state predicates do you think, do you suppose and do you believe: a corpus-based synchronic study of grammaticalization

Van de Velde Freek (University of Leuven) Grammaticalisation resulting in abstract constructions: adding new branches to the NP tree

van der Horst Joop & Freek Van de Velde (University of Leuven) Changes in the syntax of prepositions. Towards a constructional approach to grammaticalisation

Van Goethem Kristel (K.U.Leuven / F.W.O.-Vlaanderen) From adjective to prefix: lexicalization and grammaticalization of French ancien/nouveau + N

Van Olmen Daniël (University of Antwerp) Looking at 'look' and 'kijk': a corpus-based, contrastive approach to the rise of discourse markers out of imperatives of perception in English and Dutch

Van Rompaey Tinne (K.U.Leuven) Be in the middle, midst or process of: Grammaticalization from head noun over complex preposition into progressive marker in the verb phrase

Vázquez Rozas Victoria & Marcos García Salido (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela) Another look at a case in point: a discourse-based analysis of object clitic doubling in Spanish

Verbeke Saartje & Ludovic De Cuypere (Ghent University) The rise of Hindi ergative marking: A constructional approach

Verroens Filip (Ghent University) The French inchoative se mettre à and the grammaticalisation process

Verveckken Katrien (F.W.O. - K.U.Leuven) Lexical persistence and subjectification in the Spanish Size Noun-constructions

Vezzosi Letizia (University of Perugia) Grammaticalization or lexicalization? The case of the Italian reciprocal marker 'l'un l'altro'

Visconti Jacqueline (University of Genoa) Grammaticalization and (inter)subjectification in the evolution of the Italian negative particle mica

Von Mengden Ferdinand (Universität Hamburg) The Modules of Grammatical Change

Wang Hsiao-mei (National Tsing Hua University) The Grammaticalization of Khuann in Taiwanese Southern Min

Watanabe Kazuha (California State University, Fullerton) Quantitative Analysis of a Current Change in Japanese Aspect

Wesseling Franca (University of Amsterdam) A comparison of grammaticalization processes of serial verb constructions in Ewe and Sinitic

Wiemer Björn (Universität Mainz) Evidential metapredicates - representatives of grammaticalization or lexicalization?

Wischer Ilse (Potsdam University) On the Grammaticalization of Derivational Affixes in English

Yap Foong Ha & Charles Tsz-kwan Lam (Chinese University of Hong Kong) How a pronominal ends up as a conjunctive and sentence-final mood particle: Evidence from Old Chinese er

Yerastov Yuri (University of Calgary) Grammaticalization of postural verbs in Russian: a further point on the cline

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Grammaticalization and linguistic reconstruction: detecting grammaticalization in undocumented prehistory of languages
Convenors: Eugen Hill and Dagmar Wodtko

Hill Eugen & Wodtko Dagmar (University of Munich, University of Freiburg) Aspects of grammaticalization in the ancient Indo-European languages. Traditional knowledge and new insights

Haug Dag Trygve Truslew (University of Oslo) The detection of word order freezing in old Indo-European languages: questions of unidirectionality

Ziegler Sabine (Institut for Indogermanistik - Jena) On grammaticalization in Sanskrit

Schrijver Peter (University of Utrecht) From syntax to morphology in prehistoric Celtic

Lühr Rosemarie (University of Jena) Grammaticalization of Syntactic Patterns

Hackstein Olav (LMU München) Proclisis and subordination in Indo-European

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Grammaticalization, Pragmaticalization and/or (inter)Subjectification: Methodological issues for the study of discourse markers
Convenors: Liesbeth Degand and Anne-Marie Simon-Vandenbergen

Degand Liesbeth & Anne-Marie Simon-Vandenbergen (UCLouvain, U. Gent) Introduction: Short overview of the literature on the evolution of discourse markers

Diewald Gabriele (Leibniz Universität Hannover) Pragmaticalization (defined) as grammaticalization of discourse functions

Degand Liesbeth, Jacqueline Evers-Vermeul, Benjamin Fagard, Liesbeth Mortier (UCLouvain, U. Utrecht, U. Paris 7, UCLouvain) Historical and comparative perspectives on the grammaticalization and subjectification of causal discourse markers

Lewis Diana (University of Lyon II) A discourse-constructional approach to the emergence of discourse connectives in English

Prévost Sophie (CNRS) 'A propos': from verbal complement to utterance marker of discourse shift

Simon-Vandenbergen A.-M. & D. Willems (Ghent University) Cross-linguistic data as evidence for grammaticalisation

Wichmann Anne and Anne-Marie Simon-Vandenbergen (University of Central Lancashire and Ghent University) The role of prosodic criteria in the grammaticalisation discussion

Sarda Laure (CNRS & ENS, LATTICE) Quantitative analysis of the meaning of prepositional adverbials according to their syntactic position: an insight into the degree of grammaticializion of prepositions

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Gradience, gradualness and emergence in grammaticalization
Convenors: Elizabeth Traugott and Graeme Trousdale

Traugott Elizabeth and Graeme Trousdale (University of Stanford and University of Edinburgh) Gradience, gradualness and grammaticalization - an overview

Denison David (University of Manchester) Category change in English with and without structural change

Hilpert Martin (ICSI Berkeley) What can synchronic gradience tell us about reanalysis? The grammaticalization of V1-conditionals in Swedish and German

Patten Amanda (University of Edinburgh) Grammaticalization and the IT-cleft construction

Roberts Ian (Cambridge University) Semantic Bleaching and Grammaticalisation

Rosenbach Anette (University of Paderborn) How synchronic gradience makes sense in the light of language change (and vice versa)

De Smet Hendrik (University of Leuven / Fund for scientific research - Flanders) From language use to language change: The mechanisms underlying the development of subject marker 'for'

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