QLVL members - Caroline Gevaert


Caroline Gevaert studied Germanic Languages at the University of Leuven. She is currently working as a PhD researcher at the Department of Linguistics of the Kortrijk Campus.


E-mail: firstname.lastname@kuleuven-kortrijk.be
Phone: ++32 56 24 61 40
Surface mail: Subfaculteit Letteren Campus Kortrijk, Sabbelaan 53, 8500 Kortrijk, Belgium



Anger in Old and Middle English

This PhD research investigates the conceptualization of anger in Old and Middle English. On the basis of a corpus, the expressions denoting "anger" in Old and Middle English texts were collected. As it is the aim to reconstruct the way in which anger was conceptualized, this collection is not restricted to words denoting anger literally (like wrath), but it also includes metaphorical references to anger (like become hot) and idiomatic combinations that reveal some conceptualization (like kindle one's anger).

Next to being used in a qualitative analysis, consisting of the reconstruction of the expressions used, the data are also quantitatively analysed: the prominence of the conceptualizations does not only depend on the range of expressions that are used but also on the frequency with which they are used. This analysis focuses on potential patterns of cultural variation in the conceptualizations, like translations from Latin vs. original texts, different genres, or links with changes in the broader cultural history.

Representative publications

The following publications are representative of Caroline's research. The rest of her published work can be found in the QLVL publication list.

Gevaert, C. 2005. "The anger is heat question: Detecting cultural influence on the conceptualization of anger through diachronic corpus analysis". In Delbecque, Nicole, Johan van der Auwera & Dirk Geeraerts (eds.), Perspectives on Variation. Sociolinguistic, Historical, Comparative 195-208. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.