QLVL members - Karlien Franco


While studying Latin and Dutch linguistics and literature at KU Leuven, Karlien Franco quickly became interested in quantitative and variational linguistics. She obtained a Master's degree in Linguistics in 2012 and a Master's degree in Advanced Studies in Linguistics, with a specialization in cognitive and functional linguistics, in 2013 from KU Leuven. Karlien is currently working on her PhD research, funded by an FWO-project called 'Concept features in lexical dialectometry'.





E-mail: karlien.franco@kuleuven.be
Phone: +32 16 37 79 54
Surface mail: Department of Linguistics, Blijde-Inkomststraat 21 PO Box 03308, B-3000 Leuven, Belgium
Office: room 02.42 of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Leuven



Pilot studies conducted at QLVL have shown that semantic properties of concepts have an influence on the lexical variation that occurs in Limburgian dialects. The amount of lexical variability is, for instance, smaller with concepts that are psychologically more entrenched. Karlien's research aims to systematize the results of these studies. By applying an onomasiological approach to heterogeneity in dialects, she will, for instance try to determine whether the findings of the pilot studies extend to other semantic fields and whether they are stable in other dialect or language areas. She is also interested in how her findings may reflect geographical patterns and how they relate to traditional dialectology.