ICLC Theme Session Cognitive Sociolinguistics

At the tenth International Cognitive Linguistics Conference in Kraków, Poland, QLVL co-organized the theme session on Cognitive Sociolinguistics.


Dirk Geeraerts, University of Leuven
Gitte Kristiansen, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Yves Peirsman, University of Leuven


Although there is a growing interest within Cognitive Linguistics for language-internal variation (see Kristiansen and Dirven, forthcoming), it remains an understudied area in Cognitive Linguistics. Too often linguistic analyses (or cross-linguistic comparisons) are carried out at the level of 'a language', disregarding rich and complex patterns of intralingual variation. Such a level of granularity ultimately amounts to that of a homogeneous and thus idealized speech community. Cognitive Linguistics, to the extent that it takes the claim that it is a usage-based approach to language and cognition seriously, cannot afford to work with language situated taxonomically at an almost Chomskyan level of abstraction. The purpose of the theme session is therefore to bring together examples of outstanding sociolinguistic research within the field of Cognitive Linguistics.


Tuesday 17 July
11.50h - 12.20h Conceptual entrenchment and lexical uncertainty in dialects. [pdf]
Dirk Geeraerts and Dirk Speelman
12.20h - 12.50h On structure of semantic variation: a usage based approach. [pdf]
Justyna Robinson
12.50h - 13.20h The semantics of extralinguistic variation. A quantitative study of dialect effects on polysemy. [pdf]
Dylan Glynn, Dirk Geeraerts and Dirk Speelman
lunch break
14.40h - 15.10h Measuring and parameterizing lexical convergence and divergence between European and Brazilian Portuguese:
endo/exogeneousness and foreign and normative influence
. [pdf]
Augusto Soares da Silva
15.10h - 15.40h The sem·metrix project. An automation of the profile-based approach to onomasiological variation. [pdf]
Yves Peirsman and Kris Heylen
15.40h - 16.10h Entrenchment in Cognitive Sociolinguistics: variation and change in th-fronting in central Scotland. [pdf]
Lynn Clark and Graeme Trousdale
16.10h - 16.40h Geographical variation in the acquisition of the Dutch gender system. [pdf]
Gunther De Vogelaer
coffee break
17.00h - 17.30h Lectal variation in constructional semantics: 'benefactive' ditransitives in Dutch. [pdf]
Timothy Colleman
17.30h - 18.00h Probing probabilistic grammars in time, space, and across genres. [pdf]
Benedikt Szmrecsanyi
18.00h - 18.30h Investigations into the folk's mental models of linguistic varieties. [pdf]
Raphael Berthele
18.30h - 19.00h Lectal varieties and child language acquisition. [pdf]
Gitte Kristiansen