Job openings at QLVL

Software engineer (2 yrs)

Your task will be to work on a scalable high-performance software solution for data analytics applied to large bodies of free-text natural language data (particularly through semi-supervised feature learning, using context-sensitive token-based distributional semantics). More specifically, you will refine, optimize, and expand on an existing code base, addressing issues of scalability, parallelisation, data flow optimisation, and visualization of distributional patterns. The software that is to be developed will be used in both the Nephological Semantics and the project Machine Reading of Patient Records (MARS).
You have a master's degree in informatics/computer science. You have an outspoken interest in big data, data mining and data analytics, and you have solid knowledge of database technology, data structures and algorithms for large data, and programming in C/C++, Java, and Python. Experience with high-performance computing, especially using Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark and other environments supporting big data analytics, is considered an asset, as is experience with visualisation tools such as D3.js and with scientific computing tools such as Octave or MATLAB. Familiarity with the Linux operating system is required. Also, you are ready to work in an interdisciplinary and highly collaborative environment, and you are fluent in spoken and written English.

Instructions for application

If you are interested in any of these positions, please send a statement of interest to by December 9th 2016. The letter should explain your motivation, and should contain a CV. Remuneration is in accordance with the official Belgian scales for academic personnel and bursaries, which offer internationally highly competitive pay and benefits to R&D professionals in the early stages of their careers (see the KU Leuven jobsite for more information).